My No-Fail Recipe for Bliss

 This blog is all about spreading joy, and so I must share that I have discovered a fail-proof recipe for bliss.   

Fail-proof Recipe for Bliss


Good-looking Husband

Fertile Womb

Foofy Orange Dress (Target – $15)

Black Cardigan (Target – $12)

Striped Leggings (St. Vincent De Paul’s Thrift Store – $2)

Black Headband (Target – $5)


1. Conceive a female child in mid-January.

2. Give birth to an exceptionally adorable baby on October 31st.

3. Love and nurture her (try not to worship her). 

4.  Buy her a foofy orange dress and striped leggings for her first birthday.

5. (Optional serving suggestion) Take her to a capable photographer and publish the pics on your blog.

Author’s Note:  While carrying your baby around in her foofy orange dress, you will feel the weight of her cute, warm body underneath the foof, and you’ll get a little thrill.  “When have I had this feeling before,” you’ll ask yourself.  Then you’ll remember.  You were six or seven years old and it was Christmas morning.  You were holding your gorgeous new doll and thinking, “I can’t believe she’s really mine!”

Photos by Royal S. Cardon.

Hello world!

I'm happy to be alive!

Really, really, really happy!


You want to take me home?

Naaa. Thanks for the offer, though.

Look! Here comes my mom! The apple of my eye!

See, I'm practically royalty here, so I'm cool with things the way they are.

But you might try my mom's recipe and make a Halloween doll of your own. Great recipe mom! You deserve a thumbs up!

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  1. Annie Bowlby

    Lara, how is it that I am just now discovering your website and blog????? I love it! This one about Susie’s first birthday is elegantly precious….you are as much a delight as your darling no-longer-baby girl. This writing of yours is uniquely quirky and incisive, there is an innocent and yet sardonic viewpoint that I am finding addictive. I love your appreciation and humor, but most of all I love your purity of heart. I just love YOU!

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