Thanksgiving Gratitude

Lest anyone think I have a lame life, I must post about gratitude.  Here are the top five things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving Weekend:

1.  My Mountain Man Martyr:  My husband loves the mountains almost as much as he loves me and our children.  Fortunately, he loves us a sliver more and he’s a martyr.  Whenever I allow him to step foot in the wilderness, upon returning home, he commits himself to slavery as reparations for having enjoyed himself.  Yesterday, when I was too tired to live, my slave even helped take out my contacts and brushed my teeth for me.  I’ve always wanted a slave, and I’m so thankful this dream has finally come true!

2.  Sibling Rivalry:  Normally, sibling rivalry doesn’t make for enjoyable living conditions, but when I found a note this week addressed from my seven-year-old to my six-year-old, I knew I had stumbled upon some high entertainment.  Along with apt illustrations, the note contained useful information and instructions for my middle daughter.  The central message was “You are one skreamy girl,” and the conclusion was “Say sorry–You didet say sorry!”  

3.  Baby and baby dolls:  My Halloween doll has discovered dolls.  She chooses one from her sister’s toy basket and carries it around, hugging it.  Speaking of hugs, my Halloween doll has an unquenchable appetite for hugs; yesterday she even wrapped her arms around an unfamiliar uncle’s neck and gave him a tight squeeze.  Ahhhh . . .

4.  Excuse to eat pie:  Every American had a good reason to eat one slice of pie for breakfast this morning, but I had a good reason to eat many slices.  The aforementioned Halloween doll has a wonderful appetite for pie, and every time we finished a slice together, she extended her arm toward the pie settlement on our counter and made a sound like a moose call.  It wasn’t actually a moose call; it was a pie call, which is an excellent reason to eat–ahem, feed the baby—three or four or five or six pieces of pie.

5.  Fat legs:  No!  Not my fat legs!  These fat legs:

So grateful for fat legs!

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