Night-time Fantasies

I’m not a man, and I’ve never been one, so I can’t say for sure, but let me just put it out there as my personal belief that when a man can’t sleep at night, he likes to think about a naked woman.  And if the woman should be that man’s wife, I cannot begrudge him the pastime.  After all, God gave men strong instincts to ensure that children come into this world.   What do women think about when they can’t sleep at night?  Well, that’s a little more complicated.  Male readers are hoping the answer is naked men.  Sorry to disappoint you, but this is usually not the case.  If the woman is single, she likes to imagine true love, the kind that leads to marriage.  If she is married but without children, then she might think about home improvement, finishing her degree, ways she could earn more money or how to get in better shape.  The point is, although she may not know it, she’s nesting.  All her hopes and ambitions are centered on improving herself, her home and her partner, in case a baby should arrive on the scene. Once the woman gets her baby, what does she think about late at night when she can’t sleep?  Well, as a mother, I know that most of us are too tired to lie awake at night.  But in the rare case when I can’t sleep, I picture in my mind a naked boy. Whoaa!  Hold on!  No need to Google CPS!  While I am driven by instinct, and my thoughts are sensual, there is nothing inappropriate about it.  I’m dreaming about the little boy swaddled in the cradle next to my bed.  I start by thinking about his toes, so tiny and cute.  Then I move up his fat legs to his chubby rear end, then on to his belly.  I recall in my mind his chest and squishy forearms, his dimpled hands, and finally his precious little face and fuzzy, yellow head.  I do this very slowly and carefully, drawing from all the memories of the day, until I am so full of love that I almost want to wake him up so I can cuddle and kiss him.  Now you men out there, I hope you won’t begrudge me this pastime.  After all, God gave us women strong instincts to ensure that children survive in this world.


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  1. Joe

    As I began to read your fantasies post I do have to admit your are probably 90% right about men when they can’t sleep. When were single we fantasize about the day when we can see a naked woman. When were married without children we fantasize and hope to see a naked woman that night. When were married with children we still fantazise and hope to see a naked women that night, but that still leaves 10%. So what do we think about…that same as you women, well maybe not. We don’t think of naked babies:). But at least for me I think a lot of my little girl. What she did that day that made me smile, what she learned, the time we spent together and then we fantasize about what adventures we will have tomorrow together. My point is, either way, fantasizing about a naked women or my little girl I still fall asleep with a smile on my face.

  2. Renee DeLong

    3:26 am. Ouch.I think you’re right about the men. I hope they keep it to their significant others, too…

  3. Carolynn Camp

    Lara,I’m just kicking myself, because I meant to ask you about your blog when you mentioned it last night. I just got the web address from Ian. I’ve been reading it for the last hour, and I’m captivated. Can’t wait for your next post!Carolynn

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